Primo Star HD
Zeiss Mikroskop mit Netzwerk-Kamera
Stemi 305
Stereomikroskop, Zeiss
Thermische Mikroskopie
von -196 - 1500° C
Viskosimeter µVISC, neu
Viskosimetrie, revolutionär
Viskosimeter Automat Initium
bis zu 96 Vials als Vorlage, kann unbeaufsichtigt arbeiten
Boden-und Kompostuntersuchung im Labor und im Feld
Hand O2
Sauerstoff in Blisterverpackung messen, Dichtigkeit prüfen

These stages are designed to hold a specified temperature to +/- 0.1°C from ambient to 60°C. They are an accurate temperature control platform for inverted or upright microscope applications where it is crucial to maintain at 0.1°C stable temperature in the sample whether mounted in a petri dish or on a microscope slide.








The THO60 series has been specially developed for the inverse microscopy. The tables are round and fit in the cross table of the inverse microscope.

Universal precision: the THMS 600
 THMS 600: from -196°C to 600°C

This device is based on a plate / plate arrangement and has a temperature range from -50 to 450 ° C.

High temperature under a microscope: the TS 1500

With this device you can realize temperatures up to 1500 ° C under the microscope, with  reflected or transmitted light applications. At higher temperatures, the supplied water cooling of the upper chamber lid prevents heating of the microscope optics. The interior of the chamber can be purged with an inert gas of your choice.