Primo Star HD
Zeiss Mikroskop mit Netzwerk-Kamera
Stemi 305
Stereomikroskop, Zeiss
Thermische Mikroskopie
von -196 - 1500° C
Viskosimeter µVISC, neu
Viskosimetrie, revolutionär
Viskosimeter Automat Initium
bis zu 96 Vials als Vorlage, kann unbeaufsichtigt arbeiten
Boden-und Kompostuntersuchung im Labor und im Feld
Hand O2
Sauerstoff in Blisterverpackung messen, Dichtigkeit prüfen

The ILMS device from GBX is the first item that combines a dynamic contact angle measuring apparatus with a static, classical Contact Angle measuring apparatus.

A significantly reduced space requirement and the possibility to analyze  all questions of modern surface Analysis with only one device, make this new development so interesting.

- Angle of contact between liquid and surface
- Surface energy of the solid - Dynamic contact angle (Wilhelmy and Du Nouy)
- Surface tension of liquids
- Interfacial tension (Fl / Fl)
- wetting hysteresis
- Powder wetting (Washburn)
- CMC with automatic burette
- Polar, dispersive, acid / base, etc. Individual energy contributions
- Fiber wetting



The Digidrop
- With the Digidrop system from simple manual analysis to the fully automatic version of contact angle determination
- Modular expansion of the software is possible
- Tempered syringes and chambers, fully automated XY table (mapping), chamber for humidity
- Protective chamber for toxic liquids
- Auto detection, auto analysis, etc.
- Zisman, Fowkes, Owens-Wendt, Acid - base etc. - Advancing / receding contact angle - Inclined surfaces
With the Windrop + + software, all questions concerning modern surface analysis are answered! 

Windrop Software

contact angle measurement with Wilhelmy Plate /Du Nouy Ring / Washburn (
PDF Datei 3S )

- with 3S System the measurement of contact angle according Wilhelmy is possible (Plate)
- Du Nouy Ring
- Washburn (Wicking Test)
- CMC Option
- heatable vessel
- modern Windows Software


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