Primo Star HD
Zeiss Mikroskop mit Netzwerk-Kamera
Stemi 305
Stereomikroskop, Zeiss
Thermische Mikroskopie
von -196 - 1500° C
Viskosimeter µVISC, neu
Viskosimetrie, revolutionär
Viskosimeter Automat Initium
bis zu 96 Vials als Vorlage, kann unbeaufsichtigt arbeiten
Boden-und Kompostuntersuchung im Labor und im Feld
Hand O2
Sauerstoff in Blisterverpackung messen, Dichtigkeit prüfen

Manual controled systems for Chemiluminescence, fluorescence, colorimetry and In Vivo / In Vitro Imaging

Simple manual operation of:
- UV transillumination and white light

- UV transilluminator time switch

- Five settings for emission filter
The built-in white light is moving quickly across the transilluminator for imaging negatives, film positives, autoradiograph microtiter plates and gels.
for the chemiluminescence-application the plattform will be placed above the white light source or the transilluminator
The illuminators can be configurated and selected for your application.
Also either already with the system or available as an option is the VisionWorksLS, an easy to handle software for imaging, Computer and monitor can be ordered separately.
The extra-wide door allows the insertion of gels on the UV transilluminator, which is mounted on wheels. Chemiluminescence, fluorescence, colorimetry and In Vivo / In Vitro Imaging





 additional information PDF (in Englisch).

A multispectral system with automated control for chemiluminescence, fluorescence, In Vivo and In Vitro colorimetric imaging.
A drawer provides easy access to the UV transilluminator; Choose between different patented and award-winning models.
Computer and monitor can be ordered separately on request.
The VisionWorksLS software is configured with the system or  can be purchased optional.



BioSpectrum system 3UV transilluminator. White light shines on the surface of the transilluminator. Optionally BioLite Kit can be installed in the darkroom for in vivo and in vitro imaging.
- The BioSpectrum Imaging offers many ways to automate the image processing and image analysis.

- High power lamps are placed on top of the darkroom.

- Opaque dark chambers provide optimal recording conditions.

- Unique UV-absorbing sample viewing window

- Camera is on the darkening - Zoomer is controlled by software

- Built-in, bright light and UV light are easily switchable by software

- Automatic control of emission filters, 5 positions selectableBioSpectrum System mit 3UV Transilluminator.



System Selection

The Serie BioSpectrum can be configurated with the following cameras:

 System Name  Kamera
 EC3 300  Gel HR Kamera
 EC3 400  Chemi HR Kamera
 EC3 500  BioChemi HR Kamera
 EC3 600  OptiChemi HR Kamera

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Bio Imaging Systems
All-in-one workstation for recording of fluorescent and colorimetric samples, no computer required. The Bio Imaging System represents an economical alternative
Digi Imaging Systems
Megapixel digital color cameras and excellent imaging software for fluorescent and colorimetric samples. The imaging system is used for TLC, colorimetric and fluorescent image recording.

Photo Imaging Systems
Megapixel digital color camera, very small, with a mini-color printer for basic gel documentation.

UVP LS Software
is used for the Basic Imaging Systems.

OptiChemi HR Camera:
This camera is a sophisticated, monochrome CCD camera for extra long exposures. Intensive cooling and low noise allow a wide range of applications with high integration for bioluminescence and ensures a high yield for the chemiluminescence.

BioChemi HR camera:
With its high sensitivity, this monochrome CCD camera can produce images of blots, plates, microarrays and other samples that require a long integration times. The camera is cooled to temperatures below zero ° C, has a low background noise and a wide range of applications for high-quality images that are ideal for chemiluminescence with a short exposure time.

Chemi HR camera:
Ideal for high resolution pictures this cooled CCD camera can be used for chemiluminescence, fluorescence or white light images.

Gel HR camera:
This non-cooled CCD camera is suitable for high-resolution megapixel images and is used in laboratories for imaging DNA and protein-gel electrophoresis

Fluor camera:
Monochrome, non-cooled CCD camera for fluorescence and colorimetric gel documentation

Digi Kameras:
Megapixel Digital Color Camera, recommended for TLC and other colorimetric and fluorescent gel documentation. The Digi Camera Plus offers a higher megapixel resolution.


 all cameras and corresponding items.

Tecnical data sheets for camaras(in English).


BioSpectrum® Imaging Systems

 Fully equipped, multifunctional systems with automated software for the total spectrum of applications, in vivo / in vitro imaging and chemiluminescence, fluorescence imaging and Kolorimetrik.

EC3 Imaging Systems
Multifunctional, manual control and opaque dark room for the full range of applications, in vivo / in vitro imaging and chemiluminescence, fluorescence imaging and Kolorimetrik.
Chemi Imaging Systems
Extremely dark, light-tight darkroom suitable for chemiluminescence imaging.

Gel Imaging Systems
Modular design for optimal fluorescence and colometric imaging.

Gel TS Imaging Systems
Touch-screen technology for optimal fluorescence and colometric imaging.


The systems can be equipped, depending on your budget and requirement, with a variety of specially-made CCD cameras, with or without a computer or a transilluminator. Some systems are also available with Vision Works LS ® image processing and analysis software for advanced analysis function.
Additional components such as gel devices, thermal printer, and UV filter convertibility plates are combined with the systems. The BioLite Multi-Spectral Light Source is designed for use with BioSpectrum and EC3 systems for in vivo and in vitro imaging.