Primo Star HD
Zeiss Mikroskop mit Netzwerk-Kamera
Stemi 305
Stereomikroskop, Zeiss
Thermische Mikroskopie
von -196 - 1500° C
Viskosimeter µVISC, neu
Viskosimetrie, revolutionär
Viskosimeter Automat Initium
bis zu 96 Vials als Vorlage, kann unbeaufsichtigt arbeiten
Boden-und Kompostuntersuchung im Labor und im Feld
Hand O2
Sauerstoff in Blisterverpackung messen, Dichtigkeit prüfen

ECO2 is our new model of a fumehood with gas vent filter. This new model was designed in order to fulfil two principles: efficiency (Spanish economía) and environmental sustainability (Spanish ecología), hence its name. And this without sacrificing performance, functionality or quality. To ensure the quality, all tests and security checks have been done.


Handling with chemical substances in all types of laboratories at moderate or room temperature:
analytical laboratories

• Research laboratories

• Laboratories for quality control

• Clinical laboratories

• Standard equipment

device for checking the degree of saturation of the filter

• 3 year warranty

• Lighting

retention tank for liquids and work surfaces made ​​of safety glass

Movilair: mobile rack

Showcase for schools: with transparent side and rear walls

• Modules: Connecting of several fume hoods

• Filter Test Kit for determining the filter saturation level

125V - 60 Hz

You can find additional information about the different configurations in the PDF




To remove gaseous pollutants and / or particles / aerosols in a simple , efficient and effective way from the work area and to protect both, the user and the environment, CRUMA fumehoods are the best option .
Whether smoke, gases, solids or aerosols - for every need there is a matching CRUMA hood, but all models are equipped as follows:
Standard equipment:

• Lighting

• retention tank for liquid ( up to 2 liters )
• Work surface made of safety glass
• anemometer
• Alarm in case of failure of the fan
• Front door open alarm
• means for determining the filter saturation degree
• 3 year warranty

CRUMA gas Hoods are in accordance with the following standards: • AFNOR NF X 15-211 (Class II)

• BS 7258

• CSA Z 316.5
• EN- 1822
• EN -799
• EN -141

• UNE EN ISO 9001:2000

CRUMA filtration systems
• G : Gases , vapors
• GS : Gases , vapors / aerosols solids

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Laminar flow hood
To ensure the reliability of tests , it is necessary to avoid any contamination of the work in the hood . CRUMA laminar flow hoods for clean room class 100 create this germ-free environment and have the following properties :

◾ polymer coating to protect metal parts from corrosion
◾ front and side walls made of 8 mm thick transparent acrylic sheets
◾ work surface made ​​of high strength white glass
◾ Low-noise centrifugal fan
◾ guaranteed More than 50,000 hours
◾ Equipped with connections for gas , electricity and vacuum according to the applicable regulations
in the filter System a replaceable filter is used, which is the fire- resistant, water repellent and in accordance with the current European definition of the EN- 1822 and the DIN 24184 Standard, treated with antigerms and antifungal agents. The filter is a HEPA absolute filter (High Efficiency Particulate Air ) in Class 14 , with a minimum capacity of 99.995 %.    
For the protection against atmospheric dust the models 870 and 670 laminar flow Hoods are equipped with a prefilter of the class G4 made of synthetic organic fiber ( according to EN -779 ) 

Guarantee against contamination
CRUMA FL 870 and FL 670 germ-free Hoods will be supplied with a germicidal 15 W UV lamp , which enables the cab to sterilize before and after working. The lamps are an artificial source of ultraviolet radiation , that make possible the germicidal effect despite the low energy Performance : 225 microwatts per cm2 at 0:50 m. Eyes as well as any other unprotected part of the body should never be exposed to the UV rays. Although the walls and the front door of the methacrylate CRUMA deductions discourage rays, no work may be performed as long as the germicidal lamp is in operation. Like the other CRUMA deductions can also laminar flow hoods are transported with the MOVILAIR trolley . The CRUMA deductions have a 3 year warranty for any manufacturing defect , with the exception of the filters.


◾ Clinical Tests
◾ laboratories of dairy products , meat and food industry
◾ pharmaceutical and research laboratories
◾ Transfer of drugs
◾ Hematology
◾Microscopic analysis
◾production and manufacturing of electrical components
◾ tissue cultures
◾ filling of antibiotics and injectable drugs (except cytostatics)

Technical Details
◾ lighting
◾Germicidal UV lamp
◾ vacuum connection
◾ gas connection
◾ outlet
◾ retention basin for liquid
◾ work surface made ​​of safety glass
◾ failure alarm of the ventilator
◾ front door open alarm
◾ pre-filter class G4
◾ 3 years warranty
Internal dimensions (L x W x H ) Model 775 x 560 x 740 mm 870FL 575 x 560 x 630 mm 670FL
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