Prime Histo XE
Fast and cost effective whole histology slide
Applications: PrimeHisto XE may scan histology sample for the following purposes
1. Basic histology research
2. Biology and histology study in college
3. Biology study in high school
Resolution  10000 x 10000 dpi
Signal Expression Color
Dynamic Range 3.8
Scanning Area 24.3 x 36.5 mm
Scan medium 75 x 25 mm Slides
Picture Format TIFF, JPEG
Light Transmission White LED
PC Interface Windows XP/Vista/7/8 Intel based Mac OS X 10.5/10.6/10.7/10.8
Dimensions 410 x 150 x 280 mm

-Tablet/PC/Smartphone wireless remote control

-flexible light source: Replaceable UV and Blue RGB Illuminator

- Support full range Flourescent Dye Application in Slite 200W from UV(302nm) Blue (470nm) Green(520nm) Red(630nm) and White light

-Flourescent light (UV & blue) Applications: EtBr, Cy2, SYPRO Ruby, SYPR green I/II, SYBR Gold Imaging

-White light Applications: Colorimetric Image such as Silver Stain, Coomassie Blue, Colony Plate Observation Images

                             Slite 200W                             Slite 200BW                         Slite 200W RGBW
Lens type               6 x Zoom                               6 x Zoom                             6 x Zoom
view area               20 x 16 cm                             20 x 16 cm                          20 x 16 cm
Filter Set                6 positions, motordriven          6 Positions, motor driven      6 Positions, motor driven
Emission filter        595 nm                                  535 nm                               535 nm, 595 nm, 665 nm
Display                   8" touch screen TFT LCD     8" touch screenTFT LCD           8" touch screen TFT LCD
Image storage        USB & WIFI                           USB & WIFI                          USB & WIFI
UV Transilluminator yes                                       optional                               optional
White Backlight       yes                                       yes                                      yes
Epi whitelight          yes                                       yes                                      yes
Bluelight                optional                                 yes                                      optional
Dimensions            300 x 500 x 400 mm              300 x 500 x 400 mm             300 x 500 x 400 mm
Weight                   29 kg                                    29 kg                                   29 kg