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Current special offers for filterless UV-C air purifiers

filterless UV-C Air Purifier


➯UV-C air purifier for clean air circulation up to 50 m²

The high-quality UV-C air disinfection unit with integrated fan ensures reliable disinfection of the air stream.

Reliable germ reduction without chemicals!

➯Scientifically proven and also already used in many fields, UVC technologies are more in demand today than ever before.

This technology used eliminates a large part of all viruses, including CORONA/SARS-CoV-2, bacteria, molds and germs that are in the form of aerosols in the air of the room, unobtrusively and without affecting your health.

➯Closed system with integrated, highly effective UVC emitters (total power 48 watts).

Irradiation with UV-C for disinfection has been known for a long time and is successfully used industrially in many areas, e.g. food production and medical technology.

Dimensions(HxWxD): 57 cm x 36 cm x 19 cm, weight: 6 kg.

UV-C Luftreiniger

  UVS 202001

699 € excl. VAT

✔️ UV-C Air Purifier

✔️ 9.000 hours

✔️ Fast delivery

✔️ Room size up to 50 m²